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Friday, 11 October 2013

 The Crowfield Curse

The Crowfield Curse by Pat  Walsh

Oct 11, 13  ·  edit

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Read in October, 2013

I really love this book - lucid writing, fantastic (in all senses of the word) characters, scary suspense, unusual magic and danger. The story unfolds through the eyes of Will, an orphaned abbey servant, who finds unexpected friends through his own good actions, but those actions also cause him to become embroiled in ancient, magical, dark mysteries.

I love that some characters are neither good nor evil, just mysterious and dangerous and run with Will through the story; that characters who should perhaps be looking out for Will are instead focused on other worldly things; that Will (and the reader) can not quite understand what exactly is happening or who to trust and must try to work things out for himself - these reflect many children's own experience.

The crisp, snowy winter landscape generates its own magic through vivid brief descriptions. Abbey life, hardships and questionable characters are painted deftly, and magic peeking through the cracks in daily life is beautifully done. The childhood experience of a spooky place to be avoided at all cost is a central theme.

The magic and magical characters provide the greatest appeal for me - unusual, refreshing, and though startling to Will, woven into the fabric of daily life with the sense of a generally invisible world parallel to this one. The magical characters have their own stories and motivations, and brush up against Will as his story crosses theirs.

Fabulous writing, wonderful plot, terrific sense of wellbeing engendered at the end of the story.
Highly recommend this beautiful book.

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