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Saturday, 25 February 2012

Multiple Points of View cont (POV)

Richelle Mead invented a very clever method of delivering multiple points of view - through the psychic bond enjoyed by Rose and Lissa.

Multiple Point of View (POV)

So now I've finished Jennifer Fallon's Lion of Senet: second sons trilogy. The multiple POV works for the entire trilogy; the technique adds drama and tension, and it helps to round the characters in seeing them both from within their own minds and how they appear to others. Characters who could appear flat and almost entirely evil have believable motives and even engender some empathy. The multiple POV technique  adds complexity and richness to the characters and drives the plot. As a writing strategy to drive plot and add tension, multiple POV only works if characters' motivations and desires are in opposition or cause conflict. Other sites suggest multiple POV may detract from the reader's sympathy with the main character and dilute the impact of the plot. In this series, the reverse is true. The series provides a gripping read, filled with action, politics, friendship, betrayal and the exploration of intelligence.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Multiple Points of View (POV)

Just finished reading Jennifer Fallon's Lion of Senet, the first in the Second Sons fantasy trilogy. In this, she presents multiple Points of View (POV), including the bad guys. The strategy really works: even the ostensibly evil or malicious characters characters have believable, compelling reasons for their actions. The tension created by the multiple POVs really moves the story along, to the point where I have spent another writing day glued to an exciting adventure.