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Friday, 8 June 2012

The Battle of the Labyrinth...

5 stars.
Rick Riordan penned another winner with this one. The labryrinth is a fantastic character in itself - a feat of imaginative genius to have it constantly morphing and challenging its entrants. The labyrinth becomes a metaphor for life and the choices we make - the characters must 'see clearly', and 'hold fast' to their chosen path, or be very flexible and prepared for anything, dealing with surprises, monsters, threats and upheavals along the way. Like life, it is always difficult to go back or retrace steps back to a turning point or crossroads - everything has changed again. The characters lose and find friends along the way, other characters are more fully revealed, and some lose their way, their family and friends, and even their sanity. Love the names, as always - Mrs O'Leary is a delight. 

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