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Friday, 2 March 2012

First Person Point of View (POV)

Open Minds by Susan Kaye Quinn is a YA fantasy/sci fi. The book is completely gripping, a page-turning adventure of not-fitting-in, full of danger, not knowing who to trust, and split-second, life-threatening choices.
This is a fine example of how first person narration gives immediacy, emotion and propels the narrative at break-neck speed. It creates empathy for the protagonist - we feel her agonising decisions every step of the way. Through First Person we engage fully in the sensory detail, whether horrific, frightening or romantic.
The book only just misses out on the full 5 stars only because the penultimate climax resolution - an important story stage - is just not likely - I think they would just shoot her dead without all the palaver. It was too easy. The second book is due soon, so I can spend another rainy Saturday glued to an amazing story. (Does anyone else feel guilty about all those hours spend reading, when we could be doing things we should be doing?)

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